Who We Are

The Naz is the place for the community of Grove City to connect with each other and with the resources that grow healthy people and strong families. Whether your need is spiritual, physical, emotional, or relational, The Naz is the place to help you take your next steps...

Current Series

The world is full of talkers. We can complain about the state of our world and pray to God to help make changes. How many of us actually take the time to hear God calling us to do what He did.

Can we step out of our comfort zone and GO to the places where God is wanting to take His Grace? Will we be prepared to DO what he has called us to do? Over the next few weeks we will not only explore how this can be done - we will look at actual stories of people who are doing it! Are you ready . . .GO -> DO!


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Worship at The Naz

Saturday Worship | Saturday - 6pm

Classic Worship | Sunday - 9am

Contemporary Worship | Sunday - 11am

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The Edge Academy of the Arts

The Edge Academy of the Arts is a community center for creativity. Our mission is to provide the highest level of education in the arts with a foundation in faith. The curriculum offers both private lessons and courses specializing in music, dance, videography and photography.